The History of Christmas Tree

 The History of Christmas Tree

Thousands of years ago the evergreen fir tree has traditionally been used to celebrate winter festivals Peoples used branches of it to decorate their homes during the winter solstice, as it made them think of the spring’s come.This is a decorated tree,usually an evergreen conifer such as pine or fir or an artificial tree of similar appearance, associated with the celebration of Christmas.

The modern Christmas tree was developed in Germany where Protestant Germans brought decorated trees into their homes and working places. In the western Christian traditions chrismas tree are variously erected as the first day of advent or even as late as Christmas eve depending on the country peoples same faith hold that the two traditional days when Christmas decorations, such as the Christmas tree, are removed in twelveth night

Adoption by europeaon:

In the start of 19th century, the custom became popular among the nobility and spread to royal courts as far as princess of Rusia introduced the Christmas tree in 1816,and the custom spread across Austria in the following years. The first Christmas tree was introduced in 1840 by the famous writer In Denmark a Danish newspaper claims that the first attested Christmas tree was lit in 1808 by countess Wilhemine of Holstinburg. It was the aging countess who told the story of the first Danish Christmas tree to the Danish writer in 1865.the Danish writer published a fairy-tale called THE FIR-TREE. In 1844 announced that the fate of a fir-tree being used as a Christmas tree.

19 century –present:

In Russia the Christmas tree was banned after the revolution but some time later a tv special Charlie Christmas (1965) was influential on the pop culture surrounding the Christmas tree.

Christmes tree were popular during the early 1960s in the US. Since the start of 20th century, it has become common in many cities and departmental stores to put up public Christmas trees outdoors. The gov allow to use many indoor public areas to place real trees and be compliant with code. Licensed applicants of fire retardant solution tag the tree, and provide a certificate for inspection. Real trees are popular with high end visual merchandising displays around the world.

The united state national cristmas tree has been lit each year since 1923 on the lawn of white house, he lighting of the Christmas Tree is a part of what has become a major holiday event at the White House. except that the tree was fully lit for 417 seconds, one second for each day the hostages had been in captivity.

During most of the 1970s and 1980s, the largest decorated Christmas tree in the world was put up every year on the property of the national enquirer florida.

Traditionally, Christmas trees were not brought in and decorated until cristmas event(24 december) and the tree must be left up until after the following twelveth night passes.


Each year, 33 to 36 million Christmas trees are produced in usa, and 50 to 60 million are produced in Europe. In 1998, there were about 15,000 growers in America. In that same year, it was estimated that usa spent $1.5 billion on Christmas year 2016 that had climbed to $2.04 billion for natural trees and another year it further $1.86 billion for artificial trees. In Europe, 75 million trees worth €2.4 billion ($3.2 billion) are planted annually.

Decoration of cristmas tree :

To decorate a Christmas tree uses made of glass, metal, wood, or early period decorated trees were adorned with apples, white candy canes and pastries in the shapes of stars, hearts and flowers. The popularity of these decorations grew into the production of glass figures made by highly skilled artists with clay mold, In the 1980’s some trees were sprayed with white flocking to simulate snow.



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